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Proactive Network Management Services

IST environments continue to grow more complex, which makes maintaining peak performance of your entire system increasingly difficult. Network Infrastructure Technology's proactive approach to network management systems means you receive a full spectrum of services from an IT support team with over 15 years of combined experience. Due to the complexity and importance of IT, you can't afford to go without professional network management services. We cut through the market hype and offer only the specific, business-centered solutions you require, promising you maximum ROI.

Our technicians, engineers and project managers have a proven track record of delivering high quality service and customization for every client in a number of industries. Our network management services method provides you with the resources you need to feel in control of your IT environment. We help you stay one step ahead, reducing the business risk associated with downtime, new security vulnerabilities and inconsistent performance.

Technology planning, assessment and acquisition

We provide a wide range of planning, assessment and acquisition services that can help you view your existing infrastructure in a whole new way. With our approach, any deficiencies and vulnerabilities are easily identified. Our network management systems experts can help you develop a technology roadmap to enhance your infrastructure, so it's secure and delivers optimal performance. We offer evaluation, system design, purchasing consultation and online technology acquisition, configuration, testing, deployment and post-installation management.


Change is the only constant in the IT industry. Staying current on the latest technologies and regulations is simply impossible for most companies. Our network management services can fill in the knowledge and experience gaps when needed; just call our expert consultants anytime - 24/7 - and execute industry best practices that ensure your compliance with the latest government standards and secure your IT environment.

Remote and Mobile Worker Support

Remote and mobile workers can stay connected with everyone in the company with help from our network management services. Greatly reduce downtime and maximize your staff's productivity with our online asset management and 24/7 help desk access.

Microsoft Windows SharePoint

If you want to build a more collaborative work environment, Network Infrastructure Technology offers Microsoft Windows SharePoint, a component of other Microsoft systems utilized by our company. This application allows you to share information in a common location so your employees can better pool resources when working on projects, improve teamwork and ultimately increase productivity. SharePoint is primarily for internal use, but can be extended to provide gateways to your trading partners.

Windows SharePoint provides a foundation platform for building Web-based business applications that flex and scale to meet your changing company. Administrative tools allow you to take care of employee scheduling and event coordination. Communication features let users know when actions are required or when important changes are made to documents, announcements, surveys or discussion boards. You can provide forums for brainstorming ideas or funnel information to blogs or wikis, which are templates that allow easy editing. SharePoint is especially useful for mobile and separate site workers who want to stay connected to internal employees and processes.

Maximize your IT efficiency with network management services by Network Infrastructure Technology Connect. Call 888-858-5NIT today to talk with a consultant.



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