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99.99% Uptime Network Monitoring

As new technology is introduced year after year and companies update their systems to maintain a competitive edge, network monitoring and security become increasingly necessary and crucial. With the trend of 3G wireless networks, demand for wireless network monitoring services is growing. Network Infrastructure Technology handles both wireless and traditional computer network monitoring for businesses of any size in any location, consistently keeping up with changing hardware and software.

Since most companies utilize a variety of technological devices - PCs, laptops/notebooks/tablets, PDAs, cellular phones - in the course of a regular business day, plus use many different platforms of communication and file sharing - e-mail, instant messaging, video and podcast - your critical business activities need 24/7 monitoring by an extra set of eyes, in this case secure network monitoring software from a certified Network Infrastructure Technology vendor. Our network monitoring services ensure your entire system is running smoothly 99.99% of the time. We constantly monitor your computer network for slow or failing systems and then notify the network administrator of outages, glitches, overloaded servers, crashed servers, network disconnections or anything that disrupts your system.


The security of your IST network is our #1 priority. We secure your firewalls to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing your private networks. We encrypt your files so only password carrying users can decrypt them. We monitor your backup servers which are always located in Tier 1, temperature controlled, energy efficient data centers. Our ongoing network monitoring preserves an anti-virus environment, where threats are eliminated before system damage can occur. We keep your data and communications safe and available at all times. Network Infrastructure Technology's security experience allows us to give you the optimal level of security, business continuity, backup and disaster recovery that could not be achieved on your own. You can be confident day and night that your infrastructures are managed with industry-best security practices.


According to the CSI/FBI 2003 Computer Crime and Security Survey, 82% of the 490 respondents indicated that their organization was attacked by a virus during the past year. The financial impact to each organization averaged $15,066 for a total of $7,382,340.

Depending on the size, requirements and structure of your infrastructure, our network consultants will develop a custom anti-virus solution to meet your needs, timelines and budget. Leveraging the industry's most capable software products, we provide scalable, cross-platform virus protection for workstations and network servers enabling centralized configuration, deployment, policy management, security settings and reporting. To ensure your anti-virus strategy is current and capable, contact us today.

Server Monitoring

At Network Infrastructure Technology, we want to protect your critical data and reduce the costs of potential downtime. We proactively monitor your servers which can be placed in our Tier 1, temperature controlled, electricity controlled data centers. Our technicians receive instant notification of any problem with your servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide consistent, reliable service and can even provide network monitoring if you are located halfway around the world. Our management team has a predetermined response plan, so we can begin resolving the error and/or contact the appropriate individual within your organization for action.

Call us at 888-858-5NIT today to learn more about computer network monitoring for your company.



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